Pit stop in San Francisco

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Artwork by Fabien Vieilletoille

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Fabien Vieilletoile was probably predestined to reveal images that would cross the eras. Even though this self-taught certainly started his photography career to fill his days of skipping school, it is a passion without borders which led him to become an internationally recognized photographer.
After a period of training at one of the best reportage photographers of his hometown, he was embedded in a gastronomic adventure where the greatest chefs of the world and their creations will serve as models. Besides these programmed subjects , each moment of his travels become for him the boxes of lights. You will find in his collections, very rare pictures, such as New York taxis, rare grape varieties, the electric cables of facades and of course the delicacies framed  by unusual textures.
At twenty-seven years, after over five hundred dishes photographed at the peril of his joints, after thousands of photos reports taken at varied events, after three books and several exhibitions, we can consider that the world has a new artist and that he will sure become a very big one